May 14, 2013

Sky on fire, Submarine warfare, Part 4 - Coming soon

"2 h 00 am July 24, local time ... The aircraft had identify itself to air traffic controllers of Incheon airport as a B737 loaded with freight from Tokyo towards Beijing. Now he was flying the south coast of Korea. The pilot activated the detector. The military airport radar of Kunsan served as a reference. He corrected slightly his trajectory.
Suddenly, a small door opened at the back of what was in fact a Tupolev coming from North Korea. Dropped at very high altitude, twelve parachutes started their freefall, coordinated. In less than a minute, the trained group met in a pack. The coast was visible through a few lights still burning at this late hour. Arriving at two thousand feet, their directional parachutes spread out one after the other and the black sails began to come together with amazing precision, like a small swarm of wasps pouncing on a ripe fruit ... The two leaders had a GPS to lead the small troop safely. At the last moment, two men branched off to the north, in the direction of a small fishing port. The rest of the troupe landed in a perfect movement on a small plot of land, isolated from the airport by two rows of electrified fences.
Extract 4. Source Sky on fire, p 1

"Sky on fire" (Le feu du ciel) is part 4 of the 8 novels published in French under the global title of "guerres sousmarines" / Submarine warfare. Translation is in process (due end of June 2013 ?)

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