May 10, 2013

Elyse on alert - Submarine warfare 2

"Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson finished his ice when the old admiral, who had invited him to dinner, leaned toward him.
- Mark, do you want to avenge the humiliation you suffered in Noirmoutier?
- With all my heart, sir ... Those Frenchies deserve a good lesson...
- There may be a way to do it but with limited legality...
- You know, Admiral, since my sub was used to support Special Forces abroad, I am always on a ridge path...
- Do you think your people will play the game?
- Everything depends on the orders I'll give them and the context. If it is a small spanking to the frog eaters, it must be feasible.
- Well said the Admiral, I see that we are on the same wavelength.
The old admiral looked around. In the room, there was only an old couple seated a few tables away. He leaned in Johnson's ear and whispered some elements of the plan that the Shadow Committee had prepared."

Extract 2 : Elysée on alert, submarine warfare 2, is now available on Amzon Kindle,, iBookstores and Barn and Nobles.

"Elysée on Alert" continues the story begun in "Noirmoutier's trap" After the fight, France is the subject of cross attacks from Superpowers who can not tolerate its technological leadership in the field of armaments. Our four heroes are then caught in a storm where international war or death seem the only ways out. This tehno thriller translated from the French 7 books serie is followed by five volumes including "The Shadow's committee revenge", "Sky on Fire",  "Air Tankers", and "For Eva's love" soon available in English

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