January 02, 2014

Noirmoutier's trap - Submarine Warfare part 1

Revised edition on line :
"Early November in Brest. The west wind swept the harbour, gusting and giving the rain an angle of about 15 degrees. Choo stood motionless behind the restaurant’s window. He looked at his watch. 1:15. By this time, he was sure to find little resistance. But he could not risk a second try. He strained his hood strap and left. Beyond the light of the street lamps, the darkness was complete. His car, a Hyundai, stolen in Rennes the day before and with carefully masked plate was parked 500 meters away, not far from the diving club. He opened the trunk, grabbed a crowbar and watched the street. By this time and weather, there was no one around. Yet he did not want to take any risks. He jumped over the low wall, circled the building and forced the door. It did not resist him long. With the small torch he had on him, he easily spotted the equipment he needed. It took him two trips to the car. He slid the key in the ignition slot and returned in the club. Using a screwdriver, he unscrewed the switch, put the two wires in contact, then screwed it back. Then he opened the two oxygen bottles, releasing the odourless, but highly flammable gas. Tomorrow, the club’s monitor would certainly turn the light on and destroy all traces of his passage..."

Extract 1 of Noirmoutier"s trap... a book now available on iBookstores, Lulu.com and Amazon Kindle and Barn and Nobles

Book presentation : Imagine that the Wall is still in Berlin... At the heart of a plot that endangers the French nuclear  programm, three young engineers discovered a prototype that revolutionizes submarine warfare. Will Russia and others tolerate this questioning of their nuclear strategy? "Noirmoutier's trap" is the first book of a 7 novels series where French resist attacks from North Korea, Russia or America.

The original version of the 7 books have been published in French, since 2009, under the name of "Guerres sous-marines". Translation of part 4 is in progress.

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