December 22, 2014

Noirmoutier's trap - Submarine warfares, New edition on line

Imagine that the Wall is still in Berlin... At the heart of a plot that endangers the French defense, three young engineers discovered a prototype that revolutionizes submarine warfare. Will Russia and others tolerate this questioning of their nuclear strategy? "Noirmoutier's trap" is the first part of a 12 novels serie where French resist attacks from North Korea, Russia or America. The original 12 books have been published in French, since 2009, under the name of "Guerres sous-marines". Translation of part 4 is in process.

Claude J. Sire is the pseudonym of a French specialist on defence and nuclear industry. He has published 11 novels under the name of "Submarine warfare" and "War for space".

Three of his books are already translated in English under the following titles :
1. Noirmoutier's track (Createspace) or Kindle
2. Elysee on alert
3. Shadow's Committee Revenge
Available on / Kindle / iBookstores

A paperback package of these 3 first books is also available on Amazon / under the name of "The North Korean threat - Part 1"

French titles of his books :

A - Guerres sous-marines / Submarine Warfare
1. Le piège de Noirmoutier : Guerres sous-marines, tome 1
2. Alerte à l'Elysée
3. La revanche de l'ombre
4. Feu du ciel
5. Ravitailleurs
6. Pour l'amour d'Eva
7. La menace ultime

B - Guerre pour l'espace / War for space
1. Le regard de Kiren : Guerre pour l'espace, tome
2. La vengeance de Yiko
3. Le satellite fantôme
4. L'espace en feu (April 2014)

C - La vague brisée

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